Dr. David Morgan – Psychologist, Speaker & Author

Dr. Morgan is a charismatic speaker who uses a combination of engaging stories and clinical expertise to inspire individuals and audiences. 

In his more than 20 years as a licensed psychologist, he has evaluated and treated more than ten thousand clients. He is an expert at understanding human behavior.

His presentations help empower attendees to become emotionally stronger and more mentally fit. Please watch the video to see him in action. 

If you have any questions or comments, contact Dr. Morgan here. If you would like Dr. Morgan to present for your business, organization or school, please fill out a speech request.

People Are Talking About Dr. Morgan

“Dr. Morgan is very personable and charismatic.”

- B. Dayley

“Dr. Morgan is such a great teacher!”

- K. Drager

“Dr. Morgan uses stories very naturally to teach important concepts.”

- J. Flint

“Dr. Morgan presents very insightful thoughts to help you change the way you think about things.”

- S. Flint